Wisdom Teeth Removal
Wisdom Teeth Removal2022-01-29T13:08:31-09:00

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Do you still have your wisdom teeth? Having your wisdom teeth removed will help resolve any problems they could be causing you.

Wisdom teeth tend to become problematic, cause pain, infection, and other dental obstacles. Your dental care team will proactively monitor their wisdom teeth for young patients, as they are often easier to remove while their teeth and jaw are still growing and developing. In contrast, patients with impacted, unaligned, or stubborn wisdom teeth may experience pain or damage to their jaw, nerves, or other teeth. In addition, impacted wisdom teeth can form cysts in the surrounding gum tissue, potentially creating more complicated matters. Wisdom teeth removal is painless and straightforward. Depending on your specific condition, wisdom teeth can be removed under local anesthetic or anesthesia.

It is essential to avoid any complications following wisdom teeth removal. Following your dentist’s post-procedure instructions will help expedite the healing process as well as avoid infection. Drinking or smoking will not boost your immune system and delay healing. By gently rinsing your mouth often, you will be able to keep your mouth clean and clear of other bacteria. Avoid any actions that require sucking or blowing; avoid blowing your nose or sucking through a straw.

What happens if you do not have your wisdom teeth removed?2021-09-21T09:28:37-09:00

When you do not have them removed, you increase your risk of potential problems and pain. Many people have their wisdom teeth removed due to space; they often cause overcrowding, crooked and impacted teeth.

Can I allow my wisdom teeth to grow in?2021-09-21T09:28:46-09:00

Some can allow their wisdom teeth to grow in naturally, and they are perfectly normal. This can occur when your wisdom teeth are in a straight position and normally erupt from the gums. You should not have any impacting issues. X-rays can help determine your wisdom teeth’ alignment and status prior.

Wisdom Teeth Removal