Simplicity Orthodontics

At iSmile, we offer the Simplicity Orthodontics system to straighten your teeth. Our dental professionals may recommend this treatment to patients interested in spending less time in our office and speeding up their orthodontic treatment. Call our practice today for more information and to schedule a consultation with our experienced dentists.

The Simplicity Orthodontics system can be used in more than 80% of all orthodontic cases, including cases with crowded and narrow arches. Most non-extraction cases completed using this system can finish treatment in 12-16 months.

To learn more make an appointment with our dental professionals, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our office.

This orthodontic treatment requires only two wires for each arch throughout treatment, rather than the usual 4-6 wires required by traditional orthodontic treatments. Using fewer wires in your treatment also requires fewer wire changes, resulting in less chair time when visiting iSmile. This system also uses light force rectangular wires, providing precise torque control, preventing movement resistance, protecting against root resorption, and enabling the teeth to move effectively into the correct position.
Girl with Simplicity Orthodontics