Simplicity Orthodontics: A Custom Comprehensive System

Simplicity Orthodontics is a custom comprehensive orthodontic system designed to treat a majority of orthodontic cases. It utilizes indirect bonding and specific diagnostic criteria to incorporate the Diagnostic Goals and Treatment Goals into the Bonding Phase. The system employs a Positioner-type setup model, which incorporates the finished arch form, determined from diagnostic criteria, into the initial indirect bonding trays for precise bracket placement.

Treatment Approaches and Techniques

Simplicity Orthodontics relies on light wire forces as the driving force to move the teeth. The Roth Bracket prescription is used to guide the teeth into their final treatment position. The treatment approach incorporates mesial stops at the first molars, which provide the starting wire with the correct arch length required, and a wire size that adequately fills the bracket slot from the beginning of treatment. In cases where molar anchorage and lateral development are needed, lingual arches are placed on the upper and lower arches at the start of treatment.

Benefits and Suitability of Simplicity Orthodontics

One of the notable features of Simplicity Orthodontics is its emphasis on using only two treatment wires throughout the entire treatment process. The system aims to achieve efficient and effective treatment outcomes, with most non-extraction cases completing treatment within 12 to 16 months.

Please note that while Simplicity Orthodontics may not be as widely known or utilized as traditional braces or Invisalign®, it offers a specialized approach to orthodontic treatment that can be suitable for a significant percentage of orthodontic cases.

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